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Know that selling a comic collection will take some time. Once prepared you must remember there are two things you must do first before selling to make sure you get as much as possible for your collection. The first is to know the grade of your comics and the second is to know the value.

The grade is the condition the comic books are in. Comic books are ranked from Mint Condition to Poor Condition and many levels in between. The better the comics condition, the more it is worth.

The second step is to determine the estimated value of your comics. This takes many factors into account, such as the grade, as mentioned before, the rarity, age, and appeal of the comic book.

Once you know the grade and value of your comics, you can then start the process of selling!

Very exciting week coming up, I will be attending the New York Comic Con for the third straight year as press for InvestComics! Every year brings a different vibe, but the main focus of my trip is always to see family and friends. Being a native New Yorker, it’s fantastic to get up there to see everyone. There will of course be video and picture coverage of the greatest comic convention on the east coast posted on InvestComics, so stay tuned for all of the goodie’s. Very cool giveaways as well, so like I said stay tuned!


InvestComics’ Robert Heske (IndieCreator/Consultant) is writing/producing a micro-budget feature film called BLESSID. The filming is going very well as I try to keep tabs on what’s going on because it’s all so very Interesting to me to see how a film is made from scratch. I tell you one word that comes to mind when I speak to Robert about the filming; Passion. Robert gives off a passion that exults an energy that is unmatched. His Indie film Blessid will display it. This week however, a teaser came out for the film and you can see it by clicking right HERE. So an early congratulation goes out to a great writer, a passionate screenwriter and a friend. Follow your dream Robert, I’ll support you every step of the way.


Yesterday on InvestComics a new video Interview went up. The focus was on a beautiful model named Trina Mason. Why interview a model? Are you serious?? Well besides being in the presence of an absolute down to earth gal, she is the star of a comic coming out called Death Fox from What The Flux Comics. You should really check out the video interview right by going to Mightycon.com. Check it out!

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